Friday, December 15, 2006

Crete - an adventure trip

Crete is much more than just another Greek island. Much of the time, especially in the cities or along the northern coast, it doesn't feel like an island at all, but a substantial land in its own right. Which of course it is -- a mountainous, wealthy and at times surprisingly cosmopolitan one with a tremendous and unique history. There are two big cities, Heraklion (sometimes spelled Iraklion) and Hania, a host of sizable, historic towns, and an island culture which is uniquely Cretan: the Turks were in occupation less than 100 years ago, and the Greek flag raised for the first time in 1913.
In Crete's less known coastal reaches of the south it's still possible to find yourself alone, this makes it a very attractive location to visit and explore whether on an adventure tour or a lazy holiday. We suggest Adventure!
Incredible coastline, spectacular sunsets, the friendliest innkeepers and taverna owners you'll ever meet, warm waters in tremendously varied shades of blue and green, amazing sea caves, cliff jumping for all levels of risk-takers, never-ending sunshine, phenomenal food, an opportunity to see the Crete that few tourists see. Rick Sweitzer, Executive Director of The Northwest Passage, fell in love with Crete in the late 60's and has been exploring the backroads and coastline of this incredible island ever since. The Northwest Passage has been touring Crete by kayak, bicycle and foot for many years and in the process, and have developed great friendships with the locals. You'll feel like part of the family as they share with you their most popular international trip.